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A faster & simpler way to find a JOB you'll LOVE

No CV required!


Hospitality I Tourism I Retail I Transportation I Logistics I Administration I Spa & Fitness I Security I Maintenance

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Mobile, transparent, simple job web app. Exactly what you asked for!


Applying to jobs should not feel like playing the lottery!


See salary, requirements and benefits in all job posts


Get all the info you need before making a move.

Job post view with info about pay on Laboro


Welcome to the 21st century!


Your Profile = Your CV


Creating a CV should not be a typing test.  Create your unique profile effortlessly, with just a few CLICKS

Creating your profile on Laboro mobile web app


"I love bureaucracy!"...said no one ever!


Apply to jobs with one click


We will notify the employers immediately, and they will see all the relevant info about you in your profile

Applying with 1 only click on Laboro web app


Ghosting? Not cool.


Always know where you stand in the job search journey


Connect with the employers via messages and video calls, and stay up to date with timely in-app notifications

Messages & notifications on Laboro web app


WhatsApp? Viber? Email?


Keep your job search organized with a centralized hub


Applications, interview invites, scheduled interviews, offers, notifications & messages all in one place

Your central job search hub on Laboro web app

Here's what you can do for your career in less than 5 minutes!

Applying for a job in 3 short steps I Laboro
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Laboro is 100% free for all job seekers! 


How is Laboro different from traditional job boards?

Laboro web app is not a job board.  It's so much more than a place to post a job! 

Laboro is a mobile-first, two-sided, data driven app that enables both job seekers and employers to connect instantly, and complete a full hiring process within the app, on any device, at any time.   

Our powerful data driven technology matches candidates' profiles to job requirements, and vice versa, and sends unlimited matches to both employers and job seekers.

Once connected, the two sides may:

  • carry on a conversation, safely, through an in-app messenger

  • schedule and conduct video/audio interviews

  • make and receive job offers

Find your next job or candidate on Laboro today!

What types of jobs can I find on Laboro?

Laboro web app was created specifically to address the unique needs of job seekers searching for jobs in hospitality, retail, transportation & logistics,  industries, Beauty & Wellness, Cleaning & Maintenance, Security, Administration.

If you are searching for jobs or candidates for one of the categories below, then Laboro is for you!

  • Accommodation services  (Hotels, Resorts, Campsites, Cruise ships, etc.)   

  • Food & beverage services  (Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Bakeries, Pastry Shops, etc.)

  • Retail & promotions (Supermarkets, Home & Fashion retail, Newsstands, Gas stations, Events, etc.)       

  • Beauty & wellness  (Spas, Salons, Gyms etc.)            

  • Administration (Customer service, Call centers, Back office, Team leads and Managers)                   

  • Transportation 

  • Delivery

  • Warehousing 

  • Cleaning & maintenance

  • Security                  

How old do I need to be in order to sign up on Laboro?

A job seeker must be at least  15 years old in order to create a profile on Laboro.  However, job seekers are responsible to follow their local labor laws as they relate to the minimum working age.  For more information please see Terms & Conditions

How much does it cost to use Laboro? (Spoiler alert: For Job Seekers it's ALWAYS free)

Laboro for Job Seekers:

Laboro app is FREE for all job seekers.  Always!

Do I need to download an app or any software in order to use Laboro?


Laboro is a web-app, so there is no need to download anything on your device.

All you need to do is click on Log In/Sign In button.

In which languages is Laboro app available?

Laboro is available in English, Spanish, Croatian and Serbian.   

We will be soon rolling it out in additional languages, so stay tuned!