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Connect with your next hire FASTER than ever...any time, from any place, on any device 


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Hospitality I Tourism I Retail I Transportation I Logistics I Administration I Spa & Fitness I Security  

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Post your jobs, get matched with great candidates, invite passive candidates to apply, schedule & conduct interviews....30 days, completely free.   

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Post your job in minutes

Post your job in minutes

With the Laboro job post generator, create and publish powerful job posts in only few clicks, at any time, on any device

Need to publish many open positions at once?

Take advantage of the  cloning feature and create multiple job posts quickly


Get qualified candidates instantly


Get qualified candidates instantly



Eliminate piles of CVs and qualifying candidates manually

Our powerful data matching technology scans standardized candidate profiles and finds those whose experience, skills and education meet your job requirements


Send Invite-to-Apply


Send Invite-to-Apply



Get ahead of the competition! 

With a single click, proactively invite candidates to apply to your open job positions


Chat with candidates in-app

Chat with candidates in-app


Get the conversation going and spot high-potential candidates early

Safely chat with candidates without sharing your personal contact details


Reduce costs and hire faster with in-app video interviews 

Reduce costs and hire faster with in-app video interviews 

Access a broader pool of local and international candidates

Minimize interview delays and cancellations through more flexible scheduling options

Have your team members join the interviews 


Use advanced filters to search the Laboro database 


Use advanced filters to search the Laboro database 



Enjoy unlimited access to the Laboro candidate database

Search by location, candidate experience, work permit, languages, type of employment and more


Manage your full recruiting cycle in one place

Manage your full recruiting cycle in one place

Monitor your hiring metrics, manage all job posts, track applicants, past and upcoming interviews and job offers statuses in the Laboro dashboard


Experience ALL of Laboro great features included in each plan:  

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Post your jobs on your own, in just a few clicks at any time, from any place, on any device

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Instantly get qualified & engaged candidates who match your job requirements

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Hire 2X faster! Connect with candidates instantly with unlimited in-app chat and video/audio interview

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Get ahead of the competition, and send Invite-to-Apply to passive candidates

Calendar icon_Green

Schedule & manage interviews inside the app

Notifications icon_Green

Receive timely notifications about new applicants, upcoming interviews, job posts and subscription status

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Manage all your hiring in one place.  View upcoming interviews, review hiring results, manage subscriptions, all in Laboro dashboard

Employer brand icon_Green

Showcase your employer brand. Include your logo, images and benefits in all of your job posts

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Invite your team to Laboro for FREE.  Get unlimited access for your hiring team

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Manage your Laboro subscription online.  Make fast, easy & secure online payments with any major credit card


What types of jobs are supported on Laboro web-app?

Laboro web app was created specifically to address the unique needs of job seekers, HR professionals and business owners working in Hospitality, Retail, Beauty & Wellness,  Logistics & Transportation


If you are hiring in one of the categories below, then Laboro is the right place for you!

  • Accommodation services  (Hotels, Resorts, Campsites, Cruise ships, etc.)   

  • Food & beverage services  (Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Bakeries, Pastry Shops, etc.)

  • Retail & promotions (Supermarkets, Home & Fashion retail, Newsstands, Gas stations, Events, etc.)       

  • Beauty & wellness  (Spas, Salons, Gyms etc.)            

  • Administration (Customer service, Call centers, Back office, Team leads and Managers)

  • Transportation 

  • Delivery

  • Warehousing 

  • Cleaning & maintenance

  • Security                                    

Find a perfect hire on Laboro! 

How does Laboro differ from traditional job boards?

Laboro web app is not a job board.  It's so much more than a place to post a job! 

Laboro is a mobile-first, two-sided app that enables employers to connect with job seekers instantly, and complete the full hiring process within the app, on any device, at any time.   

Our powerful data driven technology matches candidates' profiles to job requirements, and sends unlimited number of pre-qualified profiles to employers. 

Once matched with an applicant or a prospective candidate, you may:

  • carry on a conversation, safely, through an in-app messenger

  • schedule and conduct video/audio interviews

  • make and receive job offers

Laboro makes hiring fast, easy, simple, transparent, safe, and most of all FUN!

Find your next candidate on Laboro!

Do I need to download an app or any software in order to use Laboro?


Laboro is a web-app, so there is no need to download anything on your device.

All you need to do is log into your account. 


Do I have to be a registered business in order to post jobs on Laboro?


In order to hire on Laboro, we will ask you to provide the following:
- Registered (Legal) business name
- Official business address
- Business VAT number

Creating an employer account on Laboro takes only a few minutes.   

Sign up on Laboro today and start hiring great talent.